Nitta Gelatin: Sludge management solution for a Gelatin industry

This company is converting animal bone to Ossein in their factory at Koratty, Kerala. Approx. 100 tons of bone is converted on a daily basis. They generate 50 tons of wet sludge daily during this process. The sludge generates a bad odor.The factory is located in a densely populated area. The local people were continuously protesting against the smell.

A few years back the company contacted Omega EcoTech Products India Pvt Ltd to find a solution to manage the sludge problem.

Omega Developed an aerobic solution using a specially formulated coco peat based composting medium for the problem. The sludge is mixed in a certain proportion with the composting medium along with chicken litter in a definite proportion to provide sufficient nutrients and the mix is formed into a windrow pile. On mixing with the composting medium the smell is totally arrested in a few minutes.

The windrow is turned periodically. Optimum moisture is maintained and in about 45 days the mix gets converted into compost. The compost is bagged and sold.