Plant Growth Promoters


Amino - R

AMINO-R(Amino Acid) is an amino-acid based product derived from natural protein. It consists of 21% amino acid.

AMINO-R(Amino Acid) gives smell, color and taste to all fruits and vegetables.
AMINO-R(Amino Acid) also maintains the freshness of fruits and flower for long time, taste of tea, shape of potatoes, hotness of black pepper and it can be used for mushroom crops for getting high yield.
AMINO-R(Amino Acid) avoids the shredding of flowers and fruits when applied before the time of pollination.
AMINO-R(Amino Acid) can also be applied two or three times before harvesting of fruits and vegetables.


  • Increase supply of macro and micro nutrients
  • Provides enzymatic activities and natural stimulants
  • Multiplies soil micro flora and fauna due to its role as bio-activator.
  • Stimulate photosynthesis due to increase availability of Co2
  • Stimulates protein synthesis as it contains amino acids which act as building blocks.
  • Increase resistance against crop diseases.
  • Increases flowering, fruit setting and stops pre mature flower dropping
  • Provides drought resistance by its direct activity.
  • Improves quality and quantity of produce.


  • Foliar spray : 500-1000 ml/acre spray. Spray should cover both surfaces of leaves and flowers
    Shelf life: 3 years from manufacturing date

    Direction to use: shake well before use. Store at room temperature


Combi Plus

COMBIPLUS is a complete healthy tonic for plants, flowers and fruits.

Hormones, vitamins and plant growth promoting substances derived from combi-plus increase the immunity power of the plants and thereby giving high yield.
Combi-plus helps to increase the color, smell, size and taste of fruits, flowers and vegetables,which in turnincrease the earning with minimum expenses.
COMBIPLUS can be gien by foliar and soil application.

Balanced nutrient compostion of COMBIPLUS(plan growth stimulant) in natural form promotes general healthof crops and enhances defence mechanisms of plants against invading diseases, pests and natural imbalances. E.g. drought and frost

During the flowering stage application of COMBIPLUS(plant groet promoter) helps to increase fruit size, increses the yeild and improves the quality of produce.
COMBIPLUS(plant growth promoter) is a chelating agent and soil enhancer.
This plant growth promoter increases resistance against crop diseases.

Method of preparation:

  • Dilute 2 litre Combi-Plus in 500 litre water to use 1 acre land. 4 ml Combi-Plus diluted in one litre can be used to pour into the roots or spray into leaves and fruits.


We manufacture, supply and export an extensive range of growth promoters. Omega Growth Promoters are combination of Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Bio Fungicide, Bio Nematicide and few beneficial microbes. It help to induce plant growth, controls various plant diseases pests and nematodes etc. The beneficial microbes secrete phytohormones in plant root region to facilitate quicker and vigorous growth of root and shoot.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Omega-Charger

Eco Zyme

It is extracted from seaweed, grown in the bottom of the sea and is consists of rare minerals- Eco-zyme protects the crops from dryness, slow growth, insects and disease which occurs in the middle stage. It can be used along with organic fertiliz­ers as per the requirement

Humic - E

Humic-E is a source of energy obtained from humates. lr encourages the nutrient absorbing capacity of the sending in the preliminary stage and thereby enhances the plant growrh.It also helps the plant to survive in the unfavorable condition. Proliferation of desirable soil micro organisms helps the repeated use of organic futiliges. Humic – E is very suitable for high yielding necessary plants.


Beneficial Microbial Consortium(BMC)

Net Contents : 1000 ML 

Advantages of Omega BMC:

  • Improves the germination of seeds and rooting 
  • Increased rate of plant growth and biomass development 
  • When drenched, it improves the physical, chemical and biological environments of the soil and suppresses pathogens and pests
  • When mixed with organic matter, it increases the organic matter
  • Improves flowering and fruiting
  • Can be used effectively in waste water and
  • Builds the beneficial microbial population in the soil and thereby improves the soil health
  • Foliar application improves the plant health and thereby better resistance against pest and diseases