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Omega provides all sort of assistance neededfor home gardening. It includes seed, plant growing media,Bio inputs, disease control, plant protection, yield enhancement techniques and advises for smart way of gardening.


What is Omega’s “SUPERGROW”?
A complete ready to use potting mix which provides best physical, chemical and biological environment for the roots. It is a combination of well digested organic manure, soil, organic plant growth promoters, beneficial root zone microbes, and oilcakes.

Super grow mix is an ideal plant growing medium it

  • Helps maintain air water balance
  • Helps save water
  • Provides macro and micro nutrients to the plant
  • Helps to maintain optimum root zone temperature
  • Is Suitable for all plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and lawns

Further the rich beneficial microbial population ensures better nutrition and protection from root borne disease and pests.

How to use “Super Grow Brick”?

  • Place the super grow mix horizontally in a suitable container and pour one litre of water above the brick leave it for one hour.
  • Mix the disintegrated brick thoroughly.
  • Fill the grow bag/pot with disintegrated super grow mix till one inch below the top edge of the grow bag/pot
  • Plant seed or transplant seedling in the grow bag/pot.