Bio Nematicides


We offer high grade Paecilomyces. Paecilomyces is a genus of nematophagous fungus which kills harmful nematodes by pathogenesis, causing disease in the nematodes.

Recommended crops
Vegetable, Horticulture, Medicinal, Fruits and Tuber crops.

Additional Information

  • Item Code: Nemacide


(Pochonia  Chlymydosporia)

Nemafree controls Root knot nematode, Cyst nematode, Root lesion nematode, Reniform nematode and False root knot nematode. 

Dosage: 1 kg Nemafree in 200 litre water per acre spray (5ml/litre).

Method of Application: Mix required amount of Nemafree with required amount of water and stir well to form an uniform suspension. Spraying or drenching should be done during early morning or evening.